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The real life counterpart of Total Drama Action Total drama is a big poopoo head and I love to eat poop


The season has already begun! New Episodes Every 2weeks on YouTube!!!!!! So far, 5 Episodes...... Who will win, and who will loose? Only one way to find out!!!

Total Drama MovieEdit

Total Drama Movie is the title to the second season of the home-made Total Drama Series, and the sequel to Total Drama Club, which is based on the "real" Total Drama Action and Total Drama Island, respectively. This season, 6 kids out of the original 7 from the previous season will return to compete for the check of $5. Back for another rumble, are Gwen, Geoff, Bridgette, DJ, Lindsay, and Courtney. One contestant, Tyler, is not returning to the show, and will appear in the Aftermath Shows. As usual, with the backstabbing alliances, and intense fights, the season will comprise of 13 episodes in total, based on movie genres, and produced to be look-alikes of Total Drama Action, 12 Episodes, and an Aftermath show at the end.

Actor Role
Andrei Clarke Chris
Joelisa Clarke Gwen
Andrea Clarke Bridgette
Joellyn Clarke Lindsay
Joellie Clarke Courtney
Kendale Butler DJ
Joshany Clarke Geoff

Theme Song Edit

[1] "I Wanna Be Famous", by Graeme Cornies and Dawna Toews, acting by the cast of TDM.

Dear Mom and Dad I'm Doin' Fine,
You Guys are on My Mind.
You asked me what I wanted to be
And now I think the answer's plain to see.

I wanna be Famous.
I wanna live close to the sun
So pack your bags cause I've already won
Everything to prove nothing in my way
I'll get there one day
Cause I wanna be Famous!
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na
I wanna be I wanna be I wanna be famous
I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous!
(Whistling I Wanna Be Famous)

Notes Edit

  • This is the second season of the show.
  • The Guilded Chris is the Equivalent of last season's Smores.
  • This season, the challenges are more awesome, and more alliances of people you never expected!

The TDM Cast as of Episode 5

The TDM Cast as of Episode 5

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