Joshany - geoff
Name Sex Original Team Rank Episode voted off Friends Enemies Fears Actor
Geoff Male TBA 7th Quick Cash Lindsay, Gwen, Bridgette, DJ Courtney, Chris Not being able to have parties. Joshany Clarke

Joshany Clarke plays the role of Geoff. Labeled The Funniest Guy Around, was a camper from Total Drama Club on the Killer Bass team. He was chosen as a cast member on Total Drama Action, but he was eliminated before he could be put on a team. He is the party guy, who likes money a lot. He likes to be in charge, and doesn’t like following orders nor rules. He is free spirited, and reluctantly came to the show. He was furious when he lost to Gwen and Bridgette last season, earning him the title of 3rd place.

Total Drama Club Edit

Geoff was the first camper to arrive at the club. He made quick impressions on everyone, especially Bridgette, his friend, and Gwen who he liked hanging out with. He found a pet turtle when the teams went on the challenge to the deadly Phoney Island way back in episode “Up the Stream”. He won many challenges for his team the Killer Bass. He started to dislike Gwen when he found out what she said behind his back, when Courtney was voted off. This caused he and Bridgette to form an alliance but since Gwen won invincibility, he was forced to vote against Bridgette, and in the same manner Bridgette voted for him, along with Gwen’s vote equaled to his ultimatum in the Club. He cheered on for Bridgette during the final Challenge, and later paired with Lindsay for the case hunt in “Total Drama Drama Club Club”. He qualified along with the others to return for the second season.

Total Drama Movie Edit

Like Geoff was allowed to return, he wasn’t so thrilled about it. In fact he said he regretted he came to the Club in the first place. This explained why he decided to leave in Quick Cash, saying that he would leave the competition for good. If he will return is still a mystery.

Trivia Edit

  • He was the first person to speak in TDM (excluding Chris).
  • He was the first to be eliminated, ironically, he said that he wanted to win the moo-lah.
  • He has been confirmed to return in The Chefstank Redemption, on the Screaming Gaffers team, alongside Bridgette and Courtney.

Gallery Edit

Geoff in Total Drama Club

Geoff in Total Drama Club